What Is Spring Initializr

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what is spring initializr

Spring initializr service tool used to download the project archive and then easily we can implement as our own needs. So We will learn the theme behind the implementation and different Spring Initializer modules.

What Is Spring Initializr

Spring Initializr is a web-based service app that allows the creation of the Spring Boot Project archive with the required structure. And then we can easily download and use this for implementation. It produces JVM-based projects.

Spring Initializr expects some inputs as configurations where we can set up project structured archive. Here configurations are the Stater dependencies, Language, and type of build management whether it is Maven or Gradle. We will learn the Starter dependencies in later sections.

Note: Spring Initializr provides an extensive API to generate the project archive with the required structure.

Spring Boot Starters

Spring Boot is mostly concentrated on production-ready applications. Manually configurations are needed for setting up different kinds of dependencies and time consumed as well. So Spring Boot provided a very popular concept auto-configuration.

Spring Boot AutoConfiguration

As you know Spring Boot Initializr allows for Spring Boot set up, We need to provide some inputs while project's creation. One of the inputs is the selection of Spring Boot Starters. Notice Spring Boot autoconfiguration concept has been made up with Spring Boot Starters. The building of all the child dependencies/jars will be downloaded as per the configuration defined in Spring Boot starters.

Spring Initializr UI

As we discussed earlier in this tutorial, Spring Initializr is a web-based Service tool. You should use the Spring Boot UI portal https://start.spring.io. As discussed we need to provide different types of inputs. One of the inputs is related to Metadata. So now we will learn different types of metadata which should be provided in Spring Initializr UI.

Spring Initializr UI

Project: It describes the type of project whether it is Maven/Gradle.

language: It is nothing language to be used to implement the Spring Boot project. Here Spring Initializr provides Java, Kotlin, and Groovy.

Spring Boot: It expects the selection of the Spring Boot version in which version we are going to implement the project.

Project Metadata: Entire section prompts about the maven related fields that should be added to pom.

The fields are Group, Artifact, Name, Description, package name, packaging(packaging type) type, Java(version).

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